Almost Everyone Fails At Permanent weight loss.
Here's how to not be one of them...

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A Challenge To All That Think That Permanent Weight Loss Is Impossible For Them 
Give Us 8 Weeks To Teach You Our Revolutionary Sweatpants To Swimsuit Model and Implement Our Roadmap To Real Results and We'll Prove It Can Be Done
NO. You Haven't Tried Everything.

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Over the next 8 weeks, we're going to teach you a revolutionary approach to burning fat, one that doesn't suck the LIFE out of LIFESTYLE... 

Not only will we hand you our step-by-step "Roadmap To Real Results", but we'll also show you how to ACTUALLY ENJOY THE PROCESS of living healthy.  (Gone are the days when healthy living equates to eating nothing but leaves, twigs, and bland chicken breast)

Imagine being able to plan your week in just 5-10 minutes  using our famous "One-Page Weight Loss Plan" so you can jump out of bed and know exactly what to do next. 

Imagine cutting your workout time in half, and actually getting BETTER results using our "Minimum Viable Exercise Plan (MVEP)" strategy.

Imagine waking up and no longer doubting your ability to make healthy choices...soon you'll be looking forward to your day, rather than white-knuckling your way through life, battling with every tasty treat that enters your field of vision. (You'll learn our mind-boggling Zombie-Walk Technique to INSTANTLY upgrade your follow-through)

We've now taught this process to thousands of women in our 8-week challenges and the results have been astounding! This isn't just body-changing, it's life-changing. 

This Program Will Be Different For You...

Diet gurus push cookie-cutter diet plans simply because "Easy" sells. These one-size-fits-all plans are unsustainable and ineffective because they ignore the reality that there are actually four weight-loss stages and each stage requires a different set of strategies and tactics.

Implement the wrong strategies for your stage and your plan will be rendered ineffective leaving you scratching your head wondering, "Why did that work so well for my friend but not for me?"

In our Sweatpants To Swimsuit model, we teach you how to know what stage you're in and what strategies are right for YOU, right NOW, based on your current stage.

We then teach you, coach you, and hold you accountable until it's part of your identity. Then, unlike other weight loss programs that force you to be dependent on their packaged meals or coaching, we set you free having taught you how to fish.

The next challenge starts on November 1st! You must act now because we're entering a perilous time for your waistline... 

We're entering the "Holiday Belt" of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah, and New Year. 

While your friends are putting on the average "Holiday 10" pounds, you'll be getting trim and healthy AND you'll do it while still being able to enjoy the festivities. 

Who Are We And Why We Can Help?

Dr. Ray and Blythe have been helping people burn fat and get healthy for over two decades. Their podcast, Cut The Fat Podcast, has over 8 million downloads and a 4.8 out of 5-star rating, one of the highest ratings among health and fitness podcasts simply because their strategies work! 

What Happens Once You Join?

The process is simple. Once you join, you get instant access to our "Ah-Ha! Filled" courses in the Cut The Fat University, where you'll learn the systems we use to help thousands of women achieve their fat loss goals. 

Then, every Monday morning you weigh in and share your weight privately with Coach Blythe. 

Monday night Blythe and Dr. Ray go live in the private Facebook group to answer every question you have. (You can post your questions ahead of time and catch the replay if you can't join live)

Every Tuesday, Blythe will check in with you via messenger to strategize the next steps and troubleshoot your metabolic challenges!

Bottom line: You learn, you apply, you weigh in, and you get better week by week. 

THIS IS NOT JUST A COURSE, this is a full-on coaching and accountability program. 

What's Next?

Sign up below. Try it out for the next 14 days (NO RISK), and if you don't agree that it's a game-changer, just drop a quick email to and we'll refund you!

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In this premium course, you'll learn our proprietary step-by-step plan for implementing our unique approach to intermittent fasting for fat loss and cellular rejuvenation. 

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 BONUS #1: The BOD Method Masterclass ($67 Value) 

 BONUS #2: The Zombie-Walk Technique ($27 Value) 

 BONUS #3: Weight Loss Mind Mastery ($67 Value) 

 BONUS #4: 8-Week Home Tabata Workout ($37 Value)

BONUS #5: Tons of Fat Loss Friendly recipes to keep things interesting ($37 Value)

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